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Computational Investigation of Translationese

Project description

To use insights from Translation Studies for improving the quality of machine translation; and to use computational methodology for corroborating hypotheses of Translation Studies.
In Haifa, Noam Ordan, Gennadi Lembersky, Vered Volansky, Naama Twitto, Ehud Alexander Avner, Ella Rabinovich and Shuly Wintner. This project is joint with a team at Bar Ilan University, headed by Moshe Koppel. We also collaborate with Sergiu Nisioi in Bucharest.
ISF (grant 137/06); Israel Ministry of Science and Technology


We propose to develop methodologies for improving the quality of (statistical) machine translation (SMT), using novel machine-learning-based text categorization approaches. Our main motivation is research in Translation Studies, that establishes the ontological difference between translated and original texts. We propose to use computational linguistic methods to further explore such differences. We will use machine-learning-based text categorization techniques, informed by features that are motivated by Translation Studies theories, to determine with high accuracy whether a given text is original or a translation. The resulting insights will drive two additional key research directions, improving both the Language Models and the Translation Models used in SMT. The potential contribution of this work is dramatic: we already have preliminary results that show significant improvement in the quality of SMT. This work also carries with it a huge commercial potential.




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