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Mathematical and Computational Infrastructure for Grammar Engineering

Project description

To develop methods and techniques for grammar engineering, especially with respect to modularizing grammar design.
Yael Sygal and Shuly Wintner. In collaboration with Nurit Melnik, the Open University.
Israeli Science Foundation (grants 136/01, 505/11)


Linguistic theories are now so mature that it is possible to describe linguistic analyses using for- mal grammars. Such grammars are written in formal languages, called grammatical formalisms, that resemble very high level, declarative (mostly logical) programming languages. Grammars for natural languages are thus very similar to computer programs. However, while computer programmers can benefit from two decades of research in software engineering, grammar engineering is still in its infancy. The proposed research will apply methods and techniques of programming language theory and software engineering to grammatical formalisms and grammar engineering, and will thereby provide the necessary infrastructure for modular construction of large grammars for natural languages. Such an infrastructure will include a set of grammar combination operators that are useful for grammar developers, a formal semantics that is compositional and fully-abstract with respect to this set of combination operators and a formal definition of grammar modules. It will make it possible to mathematically prove the correctness of a grammar, with respect to an independent definition; to construct provably correct parsers and gener- ators for modular grammars; to implement several optimizations on compiled grammars, relying on the equivalence of different grammars; etc.





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